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  • You can “stand” on our reputation! Captain Clean will always safely clean your carpeting by first examining your carpets to determine what is needed to leave you with the ultra-cleanest and freshest carpet. Every high-traffic area or heavily soiled area will be pre-treated and given extra attention before we start the deep-cleaning process with our high-powered, hot-water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning) equipment. Our van heats and softens the water that we use for cleaning. We are convinced that we use the safest and most effective cleaning method available today. It is, after all, the most highly recommended carpet cleaning process by the major carpet manufacturers in the USA. That says it all!


    Preparing for Carpet Cleaning
    In occupied spaces, please remove knick-knacks, magazines racks, potted plants, breakables (such as lamps, picture frames, etc. on top of tables to be moved)any item on top of a piece that will be moved by us (basically anything small that you can carry out of the room easily). Lightly vacuuming the room will finalize your simple preparations for us. Captain Clean will move your larger pieces of furniture to one side, clean underneath, and then return the piece back in its original location with either plastic chips or Styrofoam blocks under the legs to protect your furniture/carpet from any possible color transfer. We can clean around heavy pieces of furniture that are loaded down with books, breakables, electronics, etc. so that you do not have to totally empty the piece of furniture. Please leave our protective pieces in place for at least 24 hours. Deodorizing for pet or unusual odor problems is available and very effective. 3 M Scotchgard carpet protection is affordable and highly recommended as the final step of cleaning for the busy, hi-traffic areas of your home or business.
    Dry Overnight!
    We do clean with hot water, so your carpets will be damp to the touch when we finish. You can be on the carpets, as long as you wear clean house slippers or shoes that aren’t soiled. Be extremely careful when you go from the carpets to hard surface flooring. Wipe/dry the soles of your shoes before leaving the carpets to prevent slipping!

    van-cleaningWe strongly recommend leaving the plastic or Styrofoam protective pads under your furniture legs to protect your carpets for at least 24 hours. Since we move most of your larger pieces of furniture aside, clean beneath it, and then return it to its original location, your carpet cleaning will be relatively hassle-free! No back-ache for you with our cleaning services!

    All you will need to do to put your room back together is return your smaller pieces, breakables, lamps, etc. to the room and your home will be restored, clean, and fresh!

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